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All you need to be an inventor is a good imagination and a pile of junk.

Junk is something you keep for years and throw away just before you need it. 'Me'

I'm often asked Where did you get all that stuff?
My wife keeps asking the same question, along with What are you going to do with....”,

Who gave you....”, “Why do you keep.... & When are you getting rid of.... all that stuff?

Since the 60's I've amassed a fair number of “goodies” for projects, although my wife has her own, and very different, favorite names for my “treasures”. But with too many of some things, some I'll never use and no space to allow me to continue collecting more “goodies” that I may need someday, it's time to share and sell some of my collection as simply trashing & creating more landfill with items others can use and may be desperately searching for should be a crime, especially now with the internet that makes it so easy to find those that may need and be searching for such items. One of my first sales was to someone in Australia that wrote “I have been looking for this item for nearly 2 years” and, soon after that, another wrote to say “You have no idea how long I have been looking for this item”.

September 1st, 2009 - After selling 3060 items I can now honestly say that I've Sold a Ton of Stuff!

To place an order, simply and let me know what you would like to purchase.
Please include your Postal Code if in Canada,  State if in the U.S. or  Country if elsewhere

so I can quote a shipment cost in my reply. To complete the purchase, make a PayPal payment to the email address provided in the reply which PayPal will notify me of a few sec's later and your items will normally be shipped within 24 hours by Canada Post. UPS is also used occasionally for extra large or heavy shipments, multiple package shipments, next day deliveries or if requested.

Note: — This Web Site is NOT a Commercial Business  —
I'm simply an individual selling excess hobby items that's located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.

 Most items are USED  unless noted as  NEW  or  NOS  (New Old Stock)
 Minimum Order is $10    Why A $10 Minimum Order?
 Prices are in USD & Payment is via PayPal only  
Why Only PayPal?

PayPal—to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your purchases!  Visa Mastercard Discover American Express eCheck

Items are listed as accurately as possible and tested before shipment to ensure they are OK
and/or as described, however items are Sold AS-IS with No Warranty and All Sales Are Final.

  More about . . . . Payments Items 4 Sale Shipping  

E-mail if you're desperate to find a scarce item as I have countless more to list (when & if I ever find the time).

   ——  Newly Listed Items  ——  
Almost Anything
is likely to be found
on these 3 pages!


Check back regularly for Newly Listed Items.


I began selling my treasures in June, 2002, that have now been shipped to 30 countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay & the United States.

Many amateur radio operators look forward to working (making radio contact with someone in) all provinces, states and/or countries, but I find all the places I've shipped items to interesting and look forward to perhaps someday being able to say that I've shipped items to all Canadian Provinces ( 10 of 13 so far ) and/or all States ( 46 of 51 so far ).

I've met many interesting individuals and made many new friends selling items and it's been interesting to receive photos from buyers, learn where some of my treasured items have ended up being used and plan to share some of these photos and stories on a web page eventually. I appreciate all feedback, even if just a quick reply as to when a shipment was received as I keep a record of all shipments and it's nice to be able to let others know what shipments times have been. Following is some of the feedback received.

Great packaging. I'm very pleased. I can tell you're a good and honorable man.
Your attention to detail is thorough.  Ruel Oquindo - Brentwood, Tennessee

All arrived safe and sound!  Michael Boudreaux - Victoria, Australia

I received the module yesterday. Thanks again for your help, it was a pleasure.
Samantha Sharp - Albany, New York

Only 5 days and the items are in my mailbox. Thank you very much. The items are in perfect condition. Amazing and fast delivery, excellent transaction. My old radio also thanks you :)  Roberto Bernardi - Italy

Your packing job was excellent and everything was received in perfect condition. I will let you know how it works out when I get it installed in a 1929 Philco radio.  Dan Klaassen - Marion, Iowa

Brilliant packing job, Barry. Of course everything survived the trip. You probably could have put the package in a large catapult - or on a medium-range missile - and it still would have been received fine.
Damon Limeback - Toronto, Ontario

Compliments on the packing, a real professional job. Thanks for the prompt and efficient service.
Michael Brodie - Huntingdale, Australia

I received your shipment in excellent condition. Thanks for your patience and time.
I give you 5 stars and great delivery. Thanks.  Richard Keck - Porter, Oklahoma

I certainly appreciate the extremely careful packing.  Joseph Miskin - Montreal, Quebec

I received the tubes (packed fabulously).  Paul Wick - Seattle, Washington

You should win a prize for your packing, but be glad you didn't have to UNPACK it!
 Thanks again for your wonderful service. I'm sure you'll hear from me again.
Dennis Baker - Conway, Arkansas

The boards and chips arrived today. All I can say is: EXCELLENT!!!
Better and more carefully packed than things I've received from "big name" component houses.
Exactly what I needed.  Bill Sudbrink - Silver Spring, Maryland

Very pleased with the items & the packing. Thanks man, you're great. Take care.
Yiannis & Akis - Athens, Greece

I just received your package today. I could not believe how well items were packed.
That is one of the best packing jobs that I have seen in quite a while. Any way... Thanks and 73....
Jason - Aynor, South Carolina it . packaging was really outstanding ,....only seen this way by military stock items.
thanks a lot. regards. Udo - Hamburg, Germany

I must comment that your packaging was excellent. Tom - Forest Dale, Vermont

The package has arrived. Brilliant packing. A Work of Art!
Thank you for your great service. A pleasure to conduct business with you.
Mike - Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for the bomb proof packing! Stefano - Mantova, Italy

The micros arrived yesterday and I have to agree to all the others and must say ....
excellent in every respect ! Many thanks .... Thomas - Muenster, Germany

That was the best packing job that I have ever seen.
If they gave away awards for packing you would have received a blue ribbon.
Paul - Austin, Texas

 I very much enjoyed your comments, especially the one about your wife's questions regarding
"Where did you get all that stuff?" Oh boy! Is exactly the same stuff with my wife almost exactly!
ha ha ha ha....   Milton - Costa Rica

I have done a lot of buying DIY parts all over the world, but I have never seen anything packed as well
as you do it. There is no way it can be done better. Great parts and a few bonus things as well, Thanks.
Ken - Vancouver, British Columbia

Received the two 811a tubes today and already have them working in my old Heath Warrior amp.
The packaging is probably the best I have ever seen ... Good job!
Don - Edwardsville, Illinois

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