Why a Minimum Order?

The $10 minimum order amount is to try and limit the ridiculous number of enquires for items that only total a few dollars, almost never result in a sale once shipping costs are considered and simply end up wasting time.

Even if an occasional small sale results, it's simply not worth spending the time required to calculate shipping, reply to emails, package items, drive to the post office, etc. for less than $10 that becomes even less after PayPal deducts its fee and small orders have actually ended up costing me money with what packaging and gas costs are.

Most of my sales are to the U.S. where postal costs are lower, but I'm in Canada and my min. shipment cost to the U.S. is $10 (2010) where a few inexpensive new items can usually be purchased and shipped for less than similar used items from me, especially from one of the large mail order suppliers with the highly discounted shipping rates they receive.

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