DC Motors

120 VDC Permanent Magnet Motor

There are no markings on this motor and the 120 VDC figure was derived from the circuit it was connected to, but it also operates nicely on as little as 12 Volts.

6.5" L x 3-3/8" Dia. 3/8" shaft extends 2"

3.0KgQty: 1$25

Engel Permanent Magnet Motor with Tach
Type GNM5480-T8.14   45 VDC / 6.8A / 250W
with a 13.8 mV / RPM Tachogenerator.
RPM is 3000 - Peak Current is 57A - IP is 54

I believe this motor is from a large computer Winchester type disk drive.11.5" L x 3.25" Dia.

6.0KgQty: 1$35

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