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Why PayPal and Only PayPal Payments?

I use PayPal because I already had a PayPal account and was familiar with PayPal when I began selling items and have no reason to change. PayPal is one of, if not the most, popular credit card processing services for individuals, payments are safe and there's nothing faster or easier, other than making cash payments in person. Payments are received in seconds which allows immediate shipment, I can transfer payments to my bank account just as fast and it's simply not worth the time or inconvenience to accept anything else.

And I no longer accept other forms of payment as money orders & cheques pose a risk, money orders delay shipments several weeks while in the mail and cheques can delay shipments weeks longer while waiting for them to clear, especially if not from Canada. Simple mistakes have made both un-cashable, like making them payable to the item purchased or, rather than myself, plus they require a trip to the bank and waiting in line to cash or deposit them (where I never otherwise go and have to wait in line anymore with on-line banking).

And I have better things to do then waste my time learning all about and doing everything required to be able to accept each person's favourite instant money transfer method just to receive a few dollars and make it a bit easier for them. After all, it's not as if I'm a business and have to sell things in order to live & already spend way too much time listing and selling things, etc. considering how little is actually made.

How to make a Payment . . . . . .

Go to PayPal—to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your purchases! , "click" on and make payment to my PayPal email address provided

in my reply - or - request a PayPal invoice and provide me with your PayPal email address.

(I don't automatically send a PayPal invoice as many use a different email address for PayPal than the one for their enquiry.)

If payment is not received within 5-7 days after I reply with a total cost and my PayPal email address or after an invoice is sent, the ordered items will be offered to the next person that requests them unless you let me know additional time is needed to make your payment. I don't mind holding items longer and only request a small down payment to do so when someone else wants the same item(s). I actually, often contact and give those who have requested an item in the past 14-20 days a chance to purchase the item before offering it to the next person wanting it, but rather then taking a chance and having the item you want sold and your payment returned, it's best to let me know when it will be more then a week before your payment is made.

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