I'm sorry about the inconvenience of having to manually key my email address into your email program,
but spam has forced me to repeatedly change my email address in the past and to use an image with my
address to keep it from Spam List robots.

E-mail For Sale Page enquires to

Don't forget to include your
 Postal Code - if in CanadaState - if in the USA, or Country - if elsewhere
so a shipment cost can be provided in my reply.

If you don't receive a reply within a few hours, I'm likely busy working on a project and will reply in a few days when I take a break. Until now (July 2012) I've made sales a priority and been replying usually within a few hours, but this left little time for projects.  Photographing, listing and selling items has also become less interesting and fun than it once was and more like work, I've sold over a ton of stuff (2746.12 lbs to be exact) which is far more than planned and I considered no longer selling items, but there's still countless items to share, many have become scarce that I'd like others to be able to find and enjoy, and I can always use more space so I've decided to continue sales, but with sales no longer the priority so replies won't be quite as quick as before.

But if you didn't notice that Minimum Order is $10 , read Why A $10 Minimum Order? and only requested a few items costing less than that, I no longer reply to such requests and waste my time repeating what I've already written on the web site about this.