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There's lot's to list - just not much listed yet!

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Vintage & Collectable Diodes & Rectifiers

Selenium Rectifiers

Remember these?

No collection is complete without one.

And if you've never used one as a solar cell,
now is your chance.

Sorry, but these have been sold.

(however I've left this listing on the web page in case some may enjoy seeing the image until I've had time to list and show some of my other vintage semiconductors.)

Check out http://antiqueradio.org/tvshow.htm found while searching for info to help determine a reasonable price to ask for these rectifiers. I find stories like this interesting where someone with no connection to the movie industry suddenly finds themselves involved. I also found it amazing what some are trying to sell obsolete items like this for (and wonder if they ever do) simply because they may be collectable. My price is a bit more more than I initially considered, but far from the $25 – $50 others I found some asking and even less then some were found asking for simply a vintage data sheet.

What ever happened to the Internet being a place to freely share information?

Vintage & Collectable Diodes & RectifiersSCR's & Triacs

Silicon Diodes & Rectifiers


Vintage & Collectable Diodes & RectifiersSilicon Diodes & Rectifiers

SCR's & Triacs


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