Dynamic RAM

Listed cost is less then others were found asking and/or simply a guess at what may be reasonable, but with >33,000 semi's there are simply too many to ever determine a cost for each one. E-mail if better pricing is found, for missing costs, to make an offer or if some older hard to find obsolete I.C. is required.
 Most I.C.'s are USED  and pulled from sockets unless they are noted as being NEW
 Any additional details known about particular I.C.'s will be supplied in my reply to order requests.


SIZE Pins Qty Chip Number Manuf. Personal Notes Cost
16K 16K x 1 16 Pin 38 HM4716AP-3 Hitachi   2/$1
6 MB8118-15 Fairchild Similar to MCM4517 & INTEL 2118
16 MM5290N-3 NS  
64K 64K x 1 16 Pin 13 D4164C-2 NEC   2/$1
12 D4164C-15
7 HYB4164P2BD Hitachi  
18 KM4164B-15 Samsung  
50 M3764A-15 OKI  
32 M5K4164AP-15 Mitsubishi  
32 MB8264-15 Fairchild  
16 MCM6665BP20 Motorola  
11 TMS4164-15NL TI  
10 TMS4164-20NL
  8K x 8 28 Pin 8 D2186-30 Intel Pseudo-Static Dynamic RAM
256K 64K x 4 18 Pin 1 KM41464AP-12 Samsung Used in Commodore & Amiga $1

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