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Audio Recording Tape

The 10" reels of recording tape shown above have been sold, but I still have a number of 7" reels of 1/4" Recording Tape of various lengths (1200, 1800, 2400 & 3600 ft) and quality as listed below. The tapes were purchased in late 60's / early 70's and each is in its original box (although I can't guarantee that a few tapes and boxes may not have become switched over the years). Except for some of the "Various Brands" boxes, most boxes are in very good condition with no, or very little, writing on them.

Notes Make Size Tape Qty Ea.  
These tapes were acquired from my father and I have no way of knowing exactly how much they were used, but they appear to be in fairly good, if not very good, condition. Various Brands 7" 1200 to 2400 ft 25 $4 Or $75 for
all 25 tapes
These tapes contain recorded music and most have only been played a few times or 10X at most so in very good condition. Sony PR-150-6 6" 1.0 mil x 1200 ft 1 $5 Or $150 for
all 43 tapes
(≈3.50 ea.)
Ampex #931 Collectors Library 7" 1.5 mil x 1200 ft. 19 $5
Ampex 536 7" 1.5 mil x 1200 ft 1 $5
Ampex 546 7" 1.0 mil x 1800 ft 11 $5
Sony PR-150-7 7" 1.0 mil x 1800 ft 8 $5
3m/Scotch 153 7" 1.0 mil x 1600 ft 1 $5
Audiotape 7" 1.0 mil x 1800 ft 2 $5
Audiotape 7" 0.5 mil x 2400 ft 1 $5
Most of these tapes have never been used and those that were, were only recorded and played back 1 or perhaps 2 times. Maxwell 50-60 Hi-Output Extended Range 7" 1.5 mil x 1200 ft 6 $15 Or $100 for
all 10 tapes
4 Kg
Maxwell 35-90 Hi-Output Extended Range 7" 1.0 mil x 1800 ft 1 $15
Maxwell 25-120 Low Noise 7" 0.5 mil x 2400 ft 2 $15
BASF 7" 0.5 mil x 2400 ft 1 $15
These are un-used take-up reels. AKAI Metal Take-Up Reel    0.5Kg 7"   2 $10 each or $10 for both with a tape order $100

McCurdy Audio Boards

Have not had the time to investigate and find out more about these boards and what connections or input & output levels are. If nothing else, they are a great source for I.C.'s, transistors, regulators, pots, capacitors, etc.

PC299 Audio Board

Qty: 4$20 ea.

PC5832 DA394 Audio Board

Qty: 2$20 ea.

PC33011 Audio Board

Qty: 7$20 ea.

PC33010 with
PC3315 Audio Board

Qty: 1$25 ea.

PC3307 Audio Board

Qty: 18$20 ea.

plus 6 more modified with
3 terminal voltage regulators
(like PC33011 board above).

Qty: 6$20 ea.

STK3048A & STK6153
100 Watt Audio Amp

STK3048A Voltage Amp - STK-6153 Power Amp

IM2A1 is printed on the board & may be a part #.
P-003-F is printed on board top side and
P-003-B is printed on board bottom side as well.

These appear to be new, unused, boards.

Some information on these amps has been found.

Qty: 20$35 ea.2/$60

General AV #6T7

600 ohm Headphones

These came from a Speech Lab and have
two 8 ohm ear phones in series with a 560 ohm resistor to achieve their 600 ohm impedance.

Cords are defective where they enter the headset or at the plug end, but easily replaced  and the molded plugs have been removed to save shipment weight. Excellent low cost headsets for projects.

Only 4 left & were $5 ea. but
the last 4 are now only $10.

(The 8 Ω speakers are worth the price alone and I will even remove them for you to save on shipping costs
if they are all you want.)

Rheem Califone
HP115 Listening Station

10 station system with 8 headsets


This nice wooden case is free when you purchase the 8 headsets inside it for little more than $2 each.
- or -
how about the case PLUS the 8 headsets for FREE when you purchase the eleven 1/4" phone jacks for less than $2 each.

A Good Deal Either Way

Qty: 1$20

Update: I found a use for the wooden case so only the headsets remain available. (Just as well as the weight of the case would make it costly to ship.) Each earphone is ≈ 400 ohms for a total headset impedance of ≈ 800 ohms and each headset is terminated in a 1/4" phone plug.

All 8 headsets are now just $10.

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