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And the following New Replacement Radio Case Parts
with, and without, speakers and other components.
( I have no idea which radio model most of these are for so don't waste time asking. )

These replacement case fronts can also be cut down and attached to a project box or equipment panel for a much better and attractive way to install a speaker than by simply mounting one, unprotected, behind a simple opening. Some case fronts are even usable as project cases by simply making a back from a flat piece of plastic that's easy to attach using the threaded posts or inserts the cases provide.

In addition to the replacement cases listed below, these  2.5" wide x 2.25" speaker sections that are already partially cut down from new replacement cases for use when an attractive speaker grille is needed are also available .

These sections are for a 45 mm (1.75") dia. speaker and also accommodate a 10mm dia. microphone.

The mic location could be used instead for a LED and it's rectangular mic opening would be perfect for a small rectangular one. The small hole in the upper right rectangular area for a name plate also provides a nice spot for a LED.

Qty: 14$2 ea. or all 14/$20

 NEW   Uniden radio replacement case front half
with a SP-197 36mm 8 ohm 1W speaker,
microphone & audio amp. / control board.

Qty: 7$20 ea.   2/$35   4/$60

 NEW   SHINWA radio replacement case front half
with a 40mm 8 ohm speaker and a 2 color
LED indicator.

Qty: 4$10 ea.   2/$15   4/$25

 NEW   Midland radio replacement case front half
with a Hokutone 50S25 50mm 4 ohm 1W
speaker and a microphone.

Qty: 1$10

 NEW   Kenwood radio replacement case front half
with T-07-0256 16 ohm 0.5W 50mm speaker
and a microphone.

Qty: 1$10

 NEW   ICOM IC-H18 replacement case front half
for a 40mm (1-9/16") dia. speaker.

Qty: 24$3 ea.   2/$5

 NEW   Shinwa CheckmateII Pager case
for a 40mm (1-9/16") dia. speaker.

Qty: 4Case Front Section$3 ea.  4/$10
Qty: 4Front + Back Sections$6 ea.  4/$20
or everything for $25

 NEW   Shinwa MONIPAGE Monitor Pager case front
half for a 40mm dia. speaker.

This case is ≈ 5/8" deep and has 2 threaded inserts that make it easy to attach a flat plastic rear panel and turn this into a very nice project case. The front slide open battery access panel is nice in that it could be used instead to conceal switches or what ever else one wanted.

Qty: 1$5

 NEW   Motorola Lifestyle Plus Pager Case.
Complete - both front & rear sections.

Qty: 1$5

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