Misc. Vintage & Collectable Items

Almost anything is likely to be found here!

While surfing the web I occasionally stumble upon web sites with 'Vintage Items' and see things I have stored away for future projects. But around here, such items are usually referred to by my wife as simply 'Old', 'Junk' or some other similar name she prefers to call my 'valuable items', 'goodies' and 'treasures' which are names I prefer. But regardless of the name, I decided it was time to get busy and start listing some of my older items after recently seeing similar ones listed once again on 'Wanted Items' pages.

Determining what to ask for vintage items that is fair, for both myself and buyers, is hard and experience has shown buyers seldom make an offer, but that is what you may find me asking for some items, at least for now. And offers are always welcome, whether a cost is listed, or not, and I am usually quite flexible on pricing, especially when a number of items are being purchased.

Vintage Calculators

A SR-10 Texas Instrument's first electronic "Slide Rule" Calculator from 1972
will be listed here when I find where I put it!

Canon CP1200
Vintage Calculator

Qty: 1$15

Litton Monroe 1405
Vintage Calculator

Qty: 1$15

Vintage Radios

Viscount Model 835
Vintage 8 Transistor Radio
with Genuine Cowhide Case

I may be wrong, but believe my grandfather bought this radio in the early 60's. It still works and is in excellent shape after decades of daily use by both my grandfather and then my father. I never listen to broadcast radio so the radio has not been used and has been taking up storage space since it was passed on to me.

This great vintage radio still works fine after nearly 50 years and will likely last 50 more.
Qty: 1$50

8 Transistor
Vintage Pocket Radio
with Leather Carrying Case

I have no idea what year this radio is from,
but am guessing that it is from the 60"s.

 Qty: 1$30

Vintage Auto Lamps

The lamp in this box appears
to be a new EVEREADY #1000
6-8V 32 & 32 C.P.

The lamp in this box is a used
6-8V 32/32 C.P.

This box contains a used
LUCAS PRE-FOCUS No. 301 lamp.
Printed on the top of the lamp is Gas Filled, 12V 36/36W and
Made In England

This second Eveready 1000 lamp is without a box.  Sold

These Vintage Auto lamps are
from the 50's and 60's and
are being sold as a group.

Get  all  the last 2 for $10.

Lamps are operational
except for 1 of the 2 Lucas 301 filaments.

This lamp is labelled with:

Projection Items

Rotary Carousel Slide Trays

Qty: 10 -  80 Slide Carousels
$4 ea. or 5/$10

  (Sorry, but 140 slide trays have been SOLD)

Carousel Stack Loader

Qty: 1$25

Kodak Projection
Zoom Ektanar Lens

f:3.5  -  4 to 6 inches

Qty: 1$30

Kodak Projection
Ektanar Lens

f:3.5  -  5 inch

Qty: 1$10

GE Projection Lamp

Used in some Carousel Projectors

120 Volts - 500 Watts -  NEW

Qty: 1$15 (List is ≈ $36)

Kodak 16mm
Film Splicer Outfit

Qty: 1$25

Sylvania Projection Lamp

120 Volts - 150 Watts
Both appear to have had little use.

Qty: 2$10 for Both (List is ≈ $11 ea.)

Spectro Projection Lamp

24 Volts - 150 Watts -  NEW

Qty: 1$10

GE Projection Lamp - ANSI BFR

10.8V 3A Single Contact Prefocus Base (S.C. Pref.)

Qty: 2 1 appears NEW  - 1 has had some use.
Both for $10 (List is ≈ $15 ea.)

#1460X ? Projection Lamp  Appears to be NEW
with a Double Contact Prefocus Base (D.C. Pref.)

Lamp number could be 1430, 1438 or 1439 as last digit may be
a distorted 0 or the top half of an 8 or 9.
Measured 2.6A at 6.5V and LCL is 1.25"so this is likely a #1460X

Qty: 1$5 (1460x List is ≈ $13)

Kodak Carousel Projector Remote Control
Forward & Reverse Control with long cord and 5 Pin Plug

Qty: 1$5

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