Tube Sockets, Shields & Other Tube Related Items

Sorry for so few items on this page, but most of what was listed has been sold and
I doubt I'll ever acquire much more so get anything left that you may need now while you can.

Tube Shields

Expansion Type Shields: (far left)

– 1−3/8" high 7-pin (6AL5 size)
– 1−3/4" high 7-pin (6AU6 size)
– 1−3/8" high 9-pin
– 1−3/4" high 9-pin (12AX7 size)
– 2"         high 9-pin

Qty 3
Qty 4
Qty 2
Qty 2
Qty 1
Push & Twist Spring Loaded Shields:

– 1−3/8" high 7-pin (6AL5 size)
– 1−3/4" high 7-pin (6AU6 size)
– 1−1/2" high 9-pin
– 1−7/8" high 9-pin (12AX7 size)

Qty 11
Qty 14
Qty 2
Qty 25
Push & Twist Shield Adapter Ring:

– for 9-pin shieldsQty 9

Spring Retainers for 7-pin tubes

Qty: 2 for 6AL5 size tubes

Tube Retainer Clamp for Octal Base Tubes

Augat 120D5-63A for 1-1/4" dia. tube basesQty 1


Ceramic Tube Sockets

(Note - 5 pin versions were sold)

4 PinQty: 4$5 ea. or 4/$15

4 PinQty: 2$3 ea. or 2/$5

4 PinQty: 3$3 ea.


Black Thermoplastic / Phenolic Sockets & Plugs


8 PinQty: 13   $2 ea.

8 PinQty: 5  /  11 PinQty: 11  /  $2 ea.


There's only a few misc. tube & related type sockets left,
but perhaps still what you need. On the right side of the photo are 2 Large Base to Small Base CRT adapter sockets for 9 & 12 pin CRTs. Bottom left is a 9 pin right angle PCB socket (Sold) and to it's right are 2 types of PCB 7 & 9 pin tube sockets, upper left an 8 pin PCB socket and the others are a few other types of vintage hard to find plugs & sockets. Email for further information & costs and, if looking for something specific, please include a photo of the item and I'll see what I can find.

Silver Plated 4CX Tube Type Housing

This home brew silver plated tube housing with a built-in plate tuning capacitor has become tarnished, but can be easily cleaned with a little silver cleaner and will save much of the hard work if you plan to build a VHF or UHF amplifier.

Qty: 1$50

I will even
include this
tube if it hasn't
been sold.

Vintage Tubes


Used from the
late 20's to early 30's

224+ Tetrode

A 224+ (left) with an engraved base and . . . .

 . . . . a 224-A (right)

Used in late 20's to early 30's.

Is the 224PLUS the same as a 224-A, something special, or simply a regular 224 and a labelling trick by Rogers to help sell their 224 tube?

I like to display these 3 tubes, but if someone needs them for a collection (or whatever as they may still be useable),
I will let them go for $25 ea.  And I'm no tube expert so check the main Tube Page for other collectable vintage tubes
that I may have, but not know about.

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