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442nm (Violet-Blue)
Model 4210N

Power Supply Model 4200PS
and User Manual

This laser has a start up problem, but the tube still has lots of cadmium and appears to be fine. I'm not a laser expert, but there is lots of HECD laser information on the web and from everything read, observed and some initial measurements, the problem appears to be in the power supply or it's control circuit. I planned to repair and then sell the laser, but have never found the time so, until I do and list it for much more or it's sold, it's being sold "as is" to anyone that doesn't mind repairing it them self.

Shipping Weight = 13KgQty: 1$400


'Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope' or 'Scanning Tunnelling Electron Microscope'

I believe this is a 'Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope', but STEM is also used for 'Scanning Tunnelling Electron Microscope' and I know little about such things so not really sure which it is or if both are perhaps basically the same thing. I would like to know more about this item, where information on it or on any of its components may be found, if it should be left intact or should simply be scrapped for useable parts and would appreciate an Email if you're knowledgeable about such things. Also Email if interested in purchasing this STEM or any of its components. There are several web sites describing the experience of building one's own electron microscope, but having this STEM would make the task much easier for others wanting to do something similar.

Type:  PW 6585/01
NC: 9432 065 85011

Transmission Emitter?


I was told that this is the electronic portion of a STEM system, complete with emitters & detectors, and only needs the mechanical components, like specimen chamber, vacuum pumps, etc., to work again. Perfect for someone wanting their own electron microscope who can build the mechanical portion.

This is a second microscope display unit in a floor stand which has a
bezel designed to accept a film or digital camera for recording images.
PW 6577  01
9432 065 77011

Qty: 1$???

Apple Computer
SCSI Cable and Terminator

Qty: 1$10

Amiga Model A500 Computer

I never used any Amiga computers so know little about them. In addition to the built in disk drive, an external disk drive is included as are the joy sticks, etc. shown below plus a power supply and Amiga Basic manual.

It does work as my son used it for a while a few years ago.

Qty: 1$100 or best offer

2nd Disk Drive ►

◄ Dual Push
Button Controls
(Joy Sticks have
been Sold)

Power Supply
 and an
Amiga Basic Manual.

ATARI 800XL Computer,

Power Supply,
and 6 Games.

4.4kgQty: 1$50

1 Gravis & 1 Microsoft Joy Stick

$8 ea. - or - both for $10

Gravis 0.46kg / Microsoft 0.72kg

Centronics Type Dot Matrix Printer

Built in carrying handle
for portability.

Qty: 1$20

Sony U-matic Portable Video Cassette Recorder

Qty: 1Accepting Offers until I have time to determine a reasonable cost.

1 HP 3755A
Switch Controller
4 HP 3754A
Access Switches

Accepting Offers until I have time
to determine a reasonable cost.

Northern Telecom Distance Learning Equipment

Make an offer on part,
or all of this equipment.

(4) 48VDC Power Supplies plus the following chassis & plug-in cards:

 Rack Mount Card Chassis Qty 6 NT2H50AA    
 CODER Cards Qty 5 NT2H03AA Rel 510  VOTRSFF3AA
 DECODER Cards Qty 5 NT2H04EA Rel 315  VOTRTFV3AA
 MCU Cards Qty 6 NT2H35EA Rel 105 VOTRWCY3AA
 DCS Cards Qty 2 NT2H31AA Rel 206  VQTR1X03AA
Qty 13 NT2H31CA Rel 206  VOTRLXW3AA
 INFO W Cards Qty 25 NT2H39AA Rel 102  VQPQ2701AA
 INFO N Cards Qty 6 NT2H39BA Rel 102  VQPQ2711AA
Note: The CODER Cards feature a frame buffer and each pair of CODER & DECODER cards provide 1 channel of digital video and audio, have been tested and work fine, but I have no idea how to test the other cards.


di-tech inc. Model 5871
64 x 32 DS3 Switcher
(came with Distance Learning Equipment above)

Qty: 1Looking for offers until I have
time to determine a reasonable cost.

Spilsbury Digital Voice Repeater

These 19" wide rack mount units are used on the radio systems of many emergency services groups
and I have several units available, complete with an Operation & Service Manual, for $75 each

Servo Controlled
Dial / Indicator

Unit has 2 IDEC IZUMI 110 to 6.3 VAC 1 watt
transformers for the illumination lamps and
a Nippon type 43M, 100/110 Volt, 50-60 Hz,
 0.13 / 0.11 amp, synchro receiver connected
to the dial indicator manual positioning knob
through a #6H75 20:1 speed reduction box.

Qty: 1$50


HP 181A Storage Scope
with a
1803A Differential DC Offset Amp  and
1812A Time Base and Delay Generator

I'm not a storage scope expert, but everything appears to be OK and working fine other than a broken carrying strap which is easy to replace.

Qty: 1$300

Kepro BTX-200

Ultra-Violet Exposure Frame

This steel case with a hinged lid is perfect for exposing printed circuit boards and many graphic art, silk screen and polymer based materials. A foam pressure pad in the lid forces artwork and material to be exposed firmly against the glass plate over the UV tubes to ensure good contact.

120 VAC with five F15T8-BL lamps, 3 / 5 lamp selector switch, 0 − 5 minute timer and Timer/Off/Manual switch.

Qty: 1$100 SOLD

The above exposure frame has been sold, but I have 5 new F15T8-BL UV lamps like it used which emit long-wave UV radiation between 350-400 nm and are also used in Insect Traps, Photocopying, Photopolymerization Processes and Nail Polish Curing.

  NEW  Qty 6 F15T8-BL lamps $20  660g

Left Front


Fiber Optic

Qty: 1$100


Right Front





Fiber Optic Communication System by Foundation Instruments of Ottawa, Ontario.

Two rack mounted card cages, each with one 7420T transmitter and one 7420R receiver unit for a full duplex data channel, one 7510SM modem unit for a second data channel and one 7201PS power supply. I have no other information on this equipment.

Model DM850
mV Meter

The meter movement is defective,
but this unit is still useful for it's
1" /hr paper feed motor, gear train,
leather case & other components.

1.400kgQty: 1$5

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