Photo & Photo-Multiplier Tubes

Each Qty Tube Photo
2 27M1 – AEI Lincoln U.K.

2 931A – RCA
9 stage, side viewing photomultiplier.
S-4 response. Special Corning No. 0080
glass envelope. Runs up to 1250VDC.
1 4378
2 6291 – Dumont Labs
(listed for $295, new ones $50 elsewhere)
4 FCS (see assembly below)

Photo-Multiplier Tube Assembly

This Photo-Multiplier Tube Assembly is from a large commercial color scanner and contains 4 photo-multiplier tubes and their associated high voltage power supplies, amplifiers, digital to analog converters, etc.

1 of the 4 photo-multiplier tubes without it's shield to show the PM tube inside. The shields also house a LED emitter for photo-multiplier tube biasing.

1 of 2 cards, each with 2 PMT Hi-Voltage inverter circuits.

1 of 2 cards, each with 2 AD568ADJ 12-bit ultra
hi-speed D/A converters that sell for >$50 each.

Photo-Multiplier 4 Tube Assembly c/w 4 Photo-Multiplier Tubes
Qty: 1 – $250 (or make an offer)

(The 4 D/A chips cost about $250 alone.)

See Photo-Multiplier Tube listing above for the tubes by themselves.

The Photo-Multiplier Tubes
are labelled with:

Model No:
Serial No:

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